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How did your Government Perform? Assessing Institutional Response to the COVID-19 Pandemic in Ghana


Leadership is tested during adversity and the COVID-19 pandemic has no peer among the challenges confronting the world today. Leadership plays a paramount role in effectiveness of the fight against COVID-19. Ghana instituted various response mechanisms to curb the spread of COVID-19 when it recorded its first cases in March 2020. This article assesses popular perceptions regarding institutional response to the COVID-19 pandemic in Ghana. Collecting quantitative data from 12,014 respondents across Ghana’s 275 constituencies, the study asked respondents to assess the performance of the government, state institutions, and specific response strategies. We found that the President of the Republic of Ghana is the most trusted source of COVID-19 information. Respondents appear impressed with the general performance of the government but remain dissatisfied with some state institutions and response mechanisms. Overall, we argue that proactiveness and collaboration on the part of relevant state institutions are necessary to effectively combating the pandemic.