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Putting Orthodox Economics to the sword: Franklin Obeng-Odoom’s contribution Property, Institutions, and Social Stratification in Africa


At long last we have a political economist, one of us, who understands us, knows our problems and sincerely articulates what can be done to create the societies we long for in Africa. In Property, Institutions and Social Stratification in Africa, Franklin Obeng-Odoom has put orthodox economics and neoliberalcapitalism to the sword. But more importantly, he has laid a solid foundation for a new and better political economy of Africa’s development. The message is simple: mainstream economics is suspect for not only diagnosing the development problem wrongly, but as a western project intended to distract any inquiry into the true sources of the problem. Methodologically, Stratification
economics is the better alternative for studying inequality as a development issue in the global south. The ideas in Obeng-Odoom’s book should be taken seriously by students, researchers and policy makers interested in Africa and
African development.